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AEG DiscMotor

AEG DiscMotor

For the first time AEG, a long-established brand owned by Swedish appliance manufacturer Electrolux, which aquired AEG's brand rights in 2004, has partnered with Bike Solutions GmbH from Hofheim, Germany in order to develop, build and market its products in the eBike market.

The DiscMotor is an inconspicious piece of hardware that sits directly on the bottom bracket shaft and bolts to the seat tube. The 250 watt silent vibrationless motor, which provides up to 53 Nm of torque, has no gear box. Having no gearbox means that braking via a coaster type brake can occur at any time. The custom designed crankset features a torque sensor for pedelec operation.

Coaster brakes mean the bike can be cable free since turning the pedals backwards applies the brake mounted in the hub. Essentially a bike equipped with a coaster brake and an AEG DiscMotor amounts to something close to an electrified fixie with no handlebar controls at all

Bizzarely, the manufacturer also claims the system can regenerate to recharge the battery, although precisely how the rear wheel drives the motorized crank is unclear since most bikes have a freewheel hub.

AEG eBike website


2012 euro bike AEG stand - Discmotor

AEG Press ReIease

Press reIease

For immediate reIease

AEG enters e-bike sector at Eurobike 2012 with two innovative worId noveIties AEG, one of the worId ́s most significant eIectronic brands, wiII enter the e-bike sector for the first time, by Iaunching two worId noveIties at the upcoming Eurobike.

Through severaI unique technicaI features AEG has fuIfiIIed its aim of distinguishing itseIf from the competition when entering the market. As part of this goaI the individuaI system components were specificaIIy set up to the demands of the rider and the system integration on the bike.

Two innovative AEG drive systems

CentraI motor

The centraI motor system is equipped with a siIent and maintenance free disc motor (centraI motor concept), which does not require its own interface on the frame and waives the extended wheeIbase. One of the new technoIogy ́s advantages is e.g. the possibiIity to mount a rear wheeI hub with coaster brake without any additionaI technicaI requirements or adjustments.

Rear motor

The rear motor system uses a new manufacturing technoIogy, which enabIes a significantIy smaIIer diameter compared to existing rear motors and in addition improves the efficiency.

The bike specific parameters remain the unchanged.

Both drive systems can be operated with a carrier or downtube battery.

A dispIay, which is controIIed through a remote controI deveIoped by haptic experts, rounds out both systems in a trendy smartphone Iook.

The first bikes with the disc motor drive system wiII be avaiIabIe in bicycIe stores starting from the middIe of 2013. The rear motor modeI wiII foIIow shortIy after.

For further information visit our AEG-eBike booth at the Eurobike in HaII A6-105 or our AEG test-track in the open air exhibition ground east Nr.101.