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Protanium Shaft Drive

Shaft Drive with integrated motor.


Protanium Shaft Drive

Protanium has released a shaft motor assembly that replaces the chainstay on a normal bicycle. The combined shaft drive and an electric motor are built together providing considerable weight savings. A set of internal clutches isolates the motor when it's switched off allowing the rider to pedal unencumbered in a manner similar to a "regular" shaft drive bike. Protanium claim the shaft drive also works well with a coaster brake, similarly to the AEG DiscMotor. In common the the AEG offering, the bike detects pedalling and applies power (pedelec operation).

The final product is almost undetectable to the untrained eye, possibly making it of considereble interest to the likes of Fabian Cancellara. Cancellara was once famously accused of riding an electrically assisted bike to victory in a race, prompting the world governing authority's president Pat McQuaid to X-ray competition bicycles used in the Tour de France.

"Motor Doped" bicycle Cancellara was "accused" of using