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smart eBike

Daimler's smart eBike

Damler's smart car company has released their latest offering. The smart eBike which is expected to cost around 3000 euros.

The belt drive electric bike is available in two versions. A sub 25km/h model and the yet to be release 45km/h BRABUS version.

The 45 km/h model, designed in conjunction with German tuning specialists BRABUS, sports a powerful 500 watt motor (which makes instantly illegal in Australia) and is twice as powerful as the standard model seen in the picture.

A twist grip throttle allows the rider to choose between four levels of power assist with the top level providing the full 500 watt boost.

The standard model, with it's 250 watt motor, has a range 100km according to smart. Energy comes from the 36-volt/9.6Ah Lithium-ion battery pack and can be recharged in two to three hours. Weight comes in at 22Kg.

smart eBike

The smart ebike is available in two colours: crystal white with electric green trim and in matt dark grey with flame orange trim.

Schumacher and Rosberg received the first production units