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Yamaha SyncDrive

Powered by Yamaha

Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Yamaha has launched it's new SyncDrive offering in conjunction with Giant Bicycle of Taiwan. Both companies are significant players in their respective fields and the combination is certain to gain traction in the e-Bike space.

The Giant Twist Freedom CS follows a line of bikes that Giant has had for a few years now. This latest incarnation sees the hybrid human/electric power plant totally replaced by a new Yamaha unit. Offering pedelec operation the unit boasts a 250 watt motor centrally mounted replacing the bottom bracket. The unit has a maximum peak power rating of 600 watts


Yamaha Motor casing is a stressed frame member

Following on from motorcycle technology where the motor casings are a stressed member of the frame Giant has done away with a conventional bottom bracket.

324 Watt Hour Battery

Energy for the Yamaha hybrid power unit is provided by a 36V 9Ah battery (324 watt hour) which clips directly in to the motor assembly. Giant claims a range of up to 90 Kms.

An LED display keeps the rider informed of various ride parameters.

What isn't clear from the press release information is the gearing the rider has available. A simplified rear wheel single speed hub assembly is used on the the Giant Twist Freedom CS