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Audi R8 eTron

Audi's R8 eTron shelved: Wired Magazine has seen confirmation that the car will never see end users.



Information regarding the e-Tron is somewhat scarce as at the time of writing. However, the prototype vehicle, shown here, has been driven by journalists so it is real. The e-Tron is slightly shorter that it's V8 and V10 CO2 belching siblings

Power for eTron is provided by four independent motors, combining to provide the Audi trademark 4x4 drive for a total of 232 KW of power. Various accounts of the distribution of motor power vary from 4 x 58 KW motors to 2 x 35 KW up front and 2 x 80KW at the rear proving a 70/30 split. Obviously the electronics and computing needed to do that are somewhat more complex than pretty much anything yet seen in an EV and probably can't begin to be approached by conventional mechanically driven engines. This is born out by the stunning times shown in the video at the Nürburgring race track, where the relatively underpowered car looks like creeping in to the supercar league.


Audi R8 e-Tron at Nurnburgring

Markus WinkeIhock ist mit dem Audi R8 e-tron WeItrekord auf der NordschIeife des Nürburgrings gefahren: Der Ex-DTM-Fahrer jagte mit dem rein eIektrisch angetriebenen Audi in nur 8 Minuten und 9 Sekunden über die Strecke. Das Video zeigt die kompIette Rekordfahrt aus Sicht der Onboard-Kameras.

Audi has said that owners will need to part with significantly more of their hard earned than owners their CO2 producing cousins. This pricing structure sits pretty much within parameters estabished by Tesla.

Audi R8 e-Tron AMOLED rear vision "mirror"

Essentially, right now, full electrics are for rich people, and as such no luxury or super high tech gadget shall be spared. This is evidenced by Audi's inclusion in the e-Tron of a digital LED screen rear vision mirror.


Charging the 53 KWh battery pack

Power is supplied by a 53 KWh battery, which is not quite as big as Tesla's 85 KWh unit in its premium Model X version. Reportedly situated just rear of the seats, where the V10 is usually hidden away, the battery lives with the power electronics.