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Spark Electric

85Kw Motor to be used in the forth coming Spark EIectric

A PetroI Spark currentIy soId in more than 100 markets

General Motors "introduced" the EV version of its Spark at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. With the biggest headlights per area of body of any vehicle in the known universe Spark is expected to hit the streets in 2013 some time.

The coaxial drive electric motor combination is said to produce some 85kW of power. Energy is supplied by a 20 kwh lithium ion battery which, it is claimed, can be charge to 80% capacity in only 20 minutes. Plugging in at home into a 240VAC outlet will allow charging within 7 hours.

Range: Who knows. No figures available yet.

GM's initial publicity about this car suggested that the battery would be manufactured by the now defunct A123 battery company. It's unclear if the purchaser of the remnants will still be manufacturing in the US and if they'll suppply GM.

Price: Unknown. Various analysts suggest the price will be close to $33K making the EV version almost three times the price of the cheap petrol (gasolene) powered version.


Spark EV

Spark's 85kW motor