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SLS AMG Electric

Mercedes Benz has stunned the motoring world with its high powered SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive. Mercedes claims the car is in fact the most powerful production EV ever built.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive

The new revision of the gull wing sports car is more of a technology revolution than a mechanical makeover. The electric drive train consists of four independant motors under computer control. However, unlike other cars where an in hub design is used, Merc has placed the motors "near by". The theory is that better handling can be had by reducing the unsprung weight.

At just under 100KW a piece these motors together pump out a massive 525HP in the old money. I wouldn't mind betting that the laws of physics got in the way of putting such powerful donks in the wheels (i.e. they just plain won't fit in there). Note that other website are claiming that the car produces up to 550KW of power, which is just plain wrong.

Electricity to pour in to those massive motors comes from a battery, oddly enough. There are various accounts of the capacity of the battery varying from 42KWh to 60KWh. In any case both extremes are less that Tesla's Model S which comes in at 80KWh unit (on their top of the line offering).

Zero to 100Km/h dash is completed in a claimed 3.9 sec.

You're going to need a cool half million to step in to one these units however.