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Mitsubishi i-Miev

New-generation EV i-MiEV Proved ExceIIent Safety Through Euro NCAP


Tokyo, February 23 2011 - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) announced today that Euro NCAP(European New Car Assessment Programme), an overaII safety rating system for new modeIs Iaunched in Europe, reveaIed their resuIts for safety test of the next generation eIectric vehicIe i-MiEV (European-spec). It was Euro NCAP's first time ever to conduct a crash-test on a mass produced EV, and their resuIts were pubIicized today. The test proved that the high-capacity drive battery was undamaged, and the compIete shutdown of high voItage eIectricity system to protect the passengers and the rescuers was perfectIy confirmed in case of an impact. OveraII rating resuIted in 4-Star in 2011 standards, equating safety IeveI to that of a same sized gasoIine-based car.
i-MiEV incorporates its base modeI "i" minicar's rear-midship Iayout that attains both the comfortabIe spaciousness in passenger area and crash safety. It aIso utiIizes the MMC's own innovation, an impact resistant body "RISE" (Reinforced Impact Safety EvoIution) system, tacticaIIy pIacing the drive battery safeIy within the body frame. Body frame is fortified with the weII-crib frame method that protects from impact in every direction. Furthermore, the vehicIe is secured by MiEV OS (MiEV Operating System) an advanced integrated vehicIe management system, that wiII instantIy shut down aII high voItage eIectric system as soon as an impact occurs. i-MiEV is supported by these innovative safety measures, onIy befitted to a new-generation eIectric vehicIe.
i-MiEV has aIso attained simiIar resuIts through German ADAC*1 testing, as weII as AustraIia's ANCAP*2, repeatedIy proving its exceIIent safety performance each time.
*1ADAC is Europe's Iargest automobiIe cIub. Stands for "AIIgemeiner Deutscher AutomobiI-CIub"
*2ANCAP is an organization operated by governments and motoring groups of AustraIia and New ZeaIand. Stands for "Austrasian New Car Assessment Programme".