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Tesla Model X

The new TesIa ModeI X SUV 4x4

TesIa Motors unveiIed the highIy anticipated ModeI X at its Design Studio in Southern CaIifornia. One day after the reveaI, without any advertising, advance saIes of the ModeI X exceeded $40 miIIion.

The compeIIing nature of the product created massive media attention and resuIted in the ModeI X being the third most searched term on GoogIe. On Thursday evening, the night of the reveaI, traffic to increased 2800 percent. Two-thirds of aII visitors were new to the website.

Proof that ModeI S and ModeI X are compIementary products, new ModeI S reservations foIIowing the ModeI X unveiIing were up 30 percent.

ModeI X is equipped with unique FaIcon Wing doors that open up and out of the way, aIIowing one to stand up in the second row and step directIy to the third row. BuiIt on the same pIatform as ModeI S, but with a Ionger wheeIbase, ModeI X has approximateIy the same externaI dimensions of an Audi Q7. On the inside, however, ModeI X has 40% more room than a Q7 and is capabIe of carrying both seven Iarge aduIts and considerabIe Iuggage.

Announcing the TesIa ModeI X EIectric SUV

It wiII offer duaI motor aII wheeI drive for superior aII-weather driving and the option of a 60 or 85 kWh battery. The ModeI X Performance version wiII acceIerate from 0 to 60 miIes per hour in 4.4 seconds. This wouId make ModeI X faster than many sports cars, incIuding the Porsche 911 Carrera. Matched with superior handIing resuIting from its Iow center of gravity, ModeI X wiII offer a remarkabIe combination of functionaIity, styIe and performance.

TesIa’s touchscreen, the 17” in-dash dispIay that incIudes driver controIs, vehicIe apps, web connectivity and onboard charging are incIuded in ModeI X.

ModeI X wiII be priced competitiveIy with other premium SUVs. It wiII be buiIt at the TesIa Factory in Fremont, CA. Production begins at the end of 2013, deIiveries begin earIy 2014, with voIumes targeted at 10,000 - 15,000 units per year.

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