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Scion iQ EV

Toyota Scion iQ EV 

Toyota Scion iQ EV

The on again off again Toyota iQ EV is making an appearance across the US in tiny production quantities. Toyota says the car is aimed at university and urban car share programs.

Among the key feature of the car are its mediocre range which 80km, a relatively small 12.5 KWh lithium ion battery and a top speed is in the region of 130Km/h.

Toyota has adopted the industry measurement of Wh/Km as the measure of efficiency, which is something akin to mpg or litres per 100km for combustion engine vehicles. The magic number for the iQ is 104 Wh/Km.

The iQ has had a heavy emphasis placed on technologies that save power. Light weight is one of the key design criteria with a body design that minimizes unnecessary mass. Heat pump aircon and a recharge timer that takes in to account the time the car is actually driven are among other features. Maximum drivetrain power is 47KW (63 HP), which puts around a medium sized motorcycle. The 0-100km/h accelration time is 13.6 seconds.

Toyota seems to have a little overboard with the airbags though. There are 11 SRS units strategically placed to protect the driver in case of an accident.

Only time will tell if the market grows enough for dealers to sell the car in its segment against the Smart FourtTwo (which goes further).