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Brammo Empulse

Brammo EmpuIse R

Ashland Oregon based Brammo Inc produces a range of high powered electric motorcycles. The highest powered of these is the Empulse R model.

Brammo claims that its drivetrain is designed from the ground up for use in a  production eIectric motorbike. The electric motor used is somewhat unique so far in the electric motorcycle world as it features water cooling. This clearly accounts for its small physical size given the relatively high power it can produce (40kW, @ 8,200 rpm (54 hp).

Surprisingly the motor is coupled to a gear box which features 6 speeds in what the company terms a "mechatronic propuIsion unit". The objective, says Brammo, is to provide higher acceleration from a standing start (0-100Km/h in 5 seconds) and then hold the speed which are two points their competitors have difficulty with.

Power for the "mechatronics" is provided by a massive 10KWh battery pack. The sheer magnitude of this capacity is put into to perspective when you consider that Mitsubishi's i-Miev electric car only has a 16KWh battery. The company says that it's good for 1,500 cycles and will only degrade to 80% at the end of those cycles (using 100% Depth of Discharge - known as 100% DOD).

Charging the bike is easy too. There is a J1772 LeveI II plug fitted where the fuel cap is usually found on a regular motorcycle. All the electronics associated with charging mean any "standard" EV charging station can charge Empulse up in only three and half hours.

Top speed: 160km/h
Range (City cycle): 195Km
Range (Highway cycle): 90Km

Price: $US19K

Technical Specifications at Brammo's site- click here

 A recent video produced by the Los Angelese Times show the motorcycle in action and interviews a spokesman from Brammo

LA Times interview with Brammo spokesman

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