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Ferrari F70 Hybrid

Ferrari F70 7.3 Litre V12 Hybrid Electric over 1000HP

Quickly, quickly let's get a hybrid electric car ready for the market!

Ferrari has tacked on an 120HP electric motor on to their 7.3l V12 to get a combined output of over 1000 horse power (which, oddly enough, is 745KW).

It's unclear whether the car this engine goes in, dubbed the F70 model, will have its fuel consumption improved however. One thing is certain though, and that is prospective owners are likely to have other priorities over quibbling about a few dollars worth of petrol.

Rumor has it that the little green box on top of the engine is the company's HY-KERS meaning the car actually has no HV battery. It's doubtful that it's can really even be called a "Hybrid" in the sense we know it. It's closer to a formula 1 race car really.

It's also unclear if a driver (other than an F1 race driver) can actually tell the difference between 800 horse power and 1000 HP. By the time your foot has bottomed the pedal to the metal (or the carbon fibre as it is now), the car would be going so fast you'd have to immediately lift off. And that probably happens at around 600 HP.

Well, physics is not what it's all about clearly.

Ferrari F70 7.3 V12 Hybrid Electric