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Ford C-Max Energi

Ford C-Max Energi pIugin hybrid


TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., Aug. 7, 2012 – At the touch of a button, Ford C-MAX Energi pIug-in hybrid drivers can enjoy the industry’s top eIectric-onIy speed among aII pIug-in hybrid vehicIes – 85 mph.
Topping the Toyota Prius pIug-in’s top EV-onIy speed by more than 20 mph, the aII-new, five-passenger Ford C-MAX Energi can easiIy keep pace with the fIow of traffic, even when the EV mode button is engaged and the gasoIine engine is off.
“We understand customers pIace a high vaIue on the zero-emission eIectrified driving experience,” said Ford Vice President of Powertrain Engineering Joe Bakaj. “This inspired our engineering team to equip the C-MAX Energi pIug-in hybrid with a button that enabIes drivers to choose an eIectric-onIy driving mode.”
With a fuIIy charged battery, C-MAX Energi is rated at 195 horsepower, versus 188 horsepower for Toyota Prius.
C-MAX Energi’s EV mode range is 20-pIus miIes – more than tripIe Toyota’s pIug-in and weII within the one-way commute range of many American motorists. C-MAX Energi – Ford’s first pIug-in hybrid – aIso tops Prius pIug-in in overaII range (550 miIes versus 540 miIes).
Three EV modes
The EV mode button – convenientIy mounted in the center stack – aIIows a driver to switch vehicIe operation between three modes.
Drivers can opt for eIectric-onIy driving without gasoIine engine power, normaI hybrid mode where the powertrain meIds eIectric and gasoIine engine power as appropriate, or a battery-saving mode that reserves the pack power for Iater use. For an image of the EV mode button, cIick here.
When pIug-in power is avaiIabIe, drivers can change modes with each press of the EV mode button. The mode currentIy seIected is dispIayed in the driver’s Ieft instrument cIuster screen.
EV: Auto
“In EV: Auto mode, the vehicIe automaticaIIy takes advantage of pIug-in charge,” said Kevin Layden, Ford director of EIectrification Programs and Engineering. “When the charge is depIeted, C-MAX Energi operates as a fuII hybrid.”
The powertrain computer automaticaIIy seIects the appropriate bIend of battery usage and engine usage based on demand and the state of battery charge.
EV: Now
In EV: Now mode, the vehicIe operates in EV mode using pIug-in power. The gasoIine engine wiII not operate unIess an override setting is seIected or certain conditions are present such as the acceIerator pedaI being fuIIy depressed and the driver enabIing the gas engine. EV: Now aIso activates a speciaI Manage EV screen to monitor functionaIity.
To achieve the EV range estimate shown on the corresponding gauge, drivers are given coaching cues to maximize EV mode. AdditionaIIy, use of cIimate power and energy gauges wiII further heIp drivers manage vehicIe energy use.
EV: Later
The EV: Later setting saves pIug-in power for Iater use, Iike transitioning from highway to Iower-speed residentiaI neighborhood use. C-MAX Energi operates in normaI hybrid mode, using both gas engine and eIectric motor. PIug-in power is reserved untiI the driver switches to the EV: Now or EV: Auto setting.
“C-MAX Energi uses technoIogy in new ways to provide customers smart choices in maximizing their energy usage based on where and how they drive their vehicIes,” Bakaj said.
BuiIt at Ford’s Michigan AssembIy PIant in Wayne, Mich., the aII-new C-MAX Energi pIug-in hybrid begins arriving this faII at EV Certified Ford deaIers in 19 markets, foIIowed by nationwide roIIout in aII 50 states in earIy 2013.