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Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar-Williams C-X75 announce 250 units to be built

 Jaguar and Williams have confirmed that the C-X75 will see the light of day as the project has received funding. A total of 250 units are to built in the UK at price expected to be in the range of 700-900K British Pounds.

Jaguar's 320km/h C-X75

Performance specifications are expected to surpass all previous production vehicles with a top speed in excess of 320km/h. Jaguar claims the supercar has the ability  to propell it's occupants from 0 to 100km/h is less than 3 seconds.


C-X75 has underbody moveable airfoils

 Amoung the more advanced features are the moveable airfoils and exhaust foils that increase downforce at higher speeds. Jaguar claims the foils also reduce aerodynamic drag.



Formula 1 KERS technology recouperates energy

Other technology features, that have trickled down from the world of F1 racing, courtesy of Willams, include Battery KERS energy recuperation and advance carbon fibre components.

"This is the Jaguar of the future. The opportunity for innovation like this in the UK is part of the reason Tata Motors invested in Jaguar, and it's fantastic that products like the C-X75 can become reality." said Carl-Peter Forster, CEO of India's Tata Motors.