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Volkwagen XL1 hybrid concept

Volkswagen's PR department has been busy recently leaking "spy" shots of the company's improved XL1 concept. Keen to show that the car actually runs, youtube has been loaded up with plenty of videos. The car comes from a line of hybrids which started out in 2002. The earlier L1 from 2009 also contributed to the styling.

The key features of the experimental concept are an 800cc two cyclinder TDI diesel engine coupled to a 7 speed DSG gearbox and, obviously, an electric motor. Volkswagen says that clutches isolate the units so they can operate in tandem or individually. The body construction is claimed to use a new process that combines carbon fibre in what the company terms Resin Transfer Molding which reduces the weight and increases strength. The components from the process are called CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer) parts. Sounds essentially like a process similar to BMC's carbon fibre bicycle molding.

The entire vehicle is claimed to weigh just 795Kg.

While the car is never expected to see the light of day as a production machine, it does show off the technologies which would be used.